"They completely surpassed all my expectations and I will absolutely be going back. Every time I come here the acupuncturist always remembers me by name and greets me as soon as I walk in the door, even if it's been a while since my last appointment. They are so thoughtful and amazingly sweet, I just love this place. They keep the restrooms well-stocked here, and not just with the basics. You can tell they want their clients to be as comfortable as possible. The waiting area is spacious and can always accommodate every client who is waiting for an appointment. I've never felt too cramped in there. The clinic is always very clean. I always leave feeling relaxed and at peace." -Janet

"They were ready to see me when I showed up for my appointment. I never had to wait for them to show up. I appreciated that they were still concerned about my health even after I left the office. They followed up with me after my appointment and everything. I appreciated how considerate and caring they were, when I told them about my fear of needles. They made sure that they were extra careful, and that I was always comfortable. They were easy to reach in an emergency. When I called they answered right away and I was so relieved to hear a friendly voice. Their staff is very friendly and welcoming. They definitely have some nice people working here." -Mike

"Parviz is very knowledgeable in both acupuncture and oriental herbs. He is also quite familiar with chiropractic techniques for a pinched nerve. Parviz has stayed open past his closing times when I've needed help on short notice. He has never turned me away when I've needed him. I do not have to wait long after I arrive for my appointments. He is usually able to respond to me when I call with a question. He would never try to get me to make an appointment unless I really needed one. Parviz went out of his way to make me feel special and respected, and was very sympathetic to my situation. I've never seen more kindness and empathy anywhere else from an acupuncturist." -Edmund

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We offer 60-90 minute appointments. Every session includes a customized combination of the following modalities as needed:

  • Seven Star manipulation.
  • Cupping for immediate soft tissue pain relief.
  • Trigger point release.
  • Anti-inflammatory ointments.
  • Acupuncture.
  • Electrostimulation of acupuncture points.
  • Advanced Electrostimulation (without needles).
  • Deep muscle warming with heat packs.
  • Tuina (Chinese manipulation and massage).
  • External herbal patches therapy for acute and chronic sprains and sports and work injuries.
  • Herbal supplements.

The following procedures are also available:

  • Facial rejuvenation therapy utilizing herbs and advanced micro electro acu-massage to improve muscle tone and circulation, stimulating the facial skin's natural elastin and collagen production.
  • Herbal inhalation therapy to control cold symptoms, allergy, and asthma.

Services and Modalities